Tax Planning

With Canada's tiered tax system it is important to understand where you are at from a tax point of view. We will do a full review of your tax fillings as part of a plan creation. This helps to identify the traps and pitfalls in your personal situation and help form a plan that works for you not against you.

As a for instance, the concept of an RRSP is to create a tax deductible contribution during high income earning periods and then add the withdrawals to your income when it is lower. If you are in a lower tax bracket this strategy may not be for you, but using a TFSA might make more sense.

Government claw backs and subsidies must be considered when creating income streams.

The tax consequences of registered account melt downs are important to make sure the money you want to pass to beneficiaries indeed goes to them, not Revenue Canada. Working with you this critical part of planning can be accomplished. As a Certified Financial Planner, this is an area I can provide extra value to you.