Step one - First meeting - Discovery and Engagement

Get to know each other. Identify what areas we would like to work on together. Agree on the scope and costs, if any, associated with your financial planning needs.

Step two - Second meeting - Identify Goals and Collect Data

Gather all relevant information i.e.: copies of all investments, banking, insurance and debt statements. Develop a set of goals, priorities and expectations.

Step three - Plan Development

Work together on developing a comprehensive plan based on your goals while taking into consideration cash flow, net worth and tax implication. This will identify any problem areas and opportunities with respect to your banking, debt management, investments, insurance and estate planning.

Step four - Third meeting - Presentation of Plan

I will present your plan and we will adjust any aspect to agree on a firm strategy.

Step five - Implementation of Plan (may or may not require a short meeting)

I will assist in aligning products and services to implement your plan; this may include coordinating contact with other professionals.

Step six - Monitor the Plan

Meet regularly to review and adjust recommendations if needed. Over time your life circumstances and goals may change.

Some of these steps may be combined, resulting in fewer meetings, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

More detailed information on the financial planning process can be found on the Financial Planners Standards Council website: