Investment Planning

It is not just about the rate of return

Although the rate of return is important, the after tax rate of return is critical. With RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, RDSPs and non-registered savings accounts, the landscape has become more confusing. Now throw in stocks, bonds, real estate, gics, term deposits, ETFs, mortgage backed securities, universal life, annuities and guaranteed income plans and yes, you do need a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.

We will review your many different investment plans. Help you understand what you are investing in and if needed, simplify or consolidate. We can provide you access to a huge array of products to diversify, without complicating your investing needs. We treat each individual investment plan as part of your overall financial plan. We develop personal one-on-one relationships with our clients to make sure we fully understand what their goals are and how best to accomplish them.

If you are just starting out we will spend the time to educate you and get you on solid footing.

If you have experience already, perhaps we can be your sounding board.

If you have enough invested, we can help you protect it and direct it. And, we can keep it tax efficient.