About Me

Born and raised in Vancouver; my parents co-owned a small campground in Ok Falls through the 60s, where we would spend the summers water skiing, camping, biking, hiking and meeting people from all over. I learned at an early age about the diversity of people and their dreams. When my parents separated in 1970 and sold the property, the glorious Okanagan holidays became a distant memory. However, some of those friendships last even today. We lived with my mother in Vancouver, who at times struggled but did a good job raising her two boys. As a single income family we learned the value of budgeting early in life.

In 1977, I met Janet and in 1983 we were married. We bought our first home in Burnaby and every year from then on our vacations included at least one week in Penticton as we put our goals together.

Brieanne was born in 1986 and Matthew in 1988, and they loved vacationing in Penticton.

My first real career was as a contract commissioned sales agent in the drapery industry. In 1989, due to economic changes the drapery company asked if I would re-locate to Alberta. With a young family, and being so close to both our families, the decision was made to remain in BC and find alternate employment. The next adventure in my life was quite a bold move. We started a small packaging supply company out of our home/garage and it grew into a million dollar sales company with a partner and 3 sales people.

In 1995 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and within 8 months had passed away.

In 1996 we sold the packaging business to the partner and made a life altering move to Penticton. We became totally involved in the schools, sports activities and community life here and I decided to enter the wealth management industry as an independent sales person.

I obtained my Canadian Securities Course and Life Insurance Licence and started selling Mutual Funds and Life Insurance. I furthered my expertise by obtaining my Certified Financial Planner designation. Today I complete at least 30 hours a year of continuing education to keep up on the many aspects of the financial planning industry. Areas like the tax rules of registered plans, government budget changes, government supplement programs, changes to CPP, OAS, estate planning and charitable giving to name but a few. I spent seven months working for one of the chartered banks in the Okanagan, but felt I could serve my clients best by providing the unbiased advice that comes with independence.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law now reside here, and my father and his wife have also made Penticton home. Brieanne received her Master's in Molecular Biology and now manages a small environmental lab in Summerland. Matthew received his Bachelor of Applied Science and is working for a civil engineering firm based in Kelowna.

Those that are near me know of my strong family values. Those that have come to work with me know of my integrity and honesty. Those that play with me know of my passion and commitment. Even those that I have only met in passing will know me by my friendly, easy going nature.