The world of investments and finance has become very complex and can be frightening to the average person. What is an investment plan? What do the banks mean by a financial check up? What is a mutual fund or a seg fund? Why should I look at other insurance? Does creditor/mortgage insurance really protect my family or the bank? Why is estate planning important to me? Why do I need a Tax Free Savings Account or a Registered Retirement Savings Plan? What is the difference? What are the benefits of Critical Illness and Disability Insurance? Is there a way to name a beneficiary for my investments? How do I avoid probate fees? How can I reduce the taxes I pay?

The purpose of this website is to allow you to browse through some information and options that I offer without having to feel pressured. I have created this with simplicity in mind and hope that you will feel comfortable perusing this site, offering feedback or contacting me with any questions.

Whether you are in your early earning years, the family commitment years, the mature earning years, nearing retirement or retired, chances are that I can assist you is some large or small way.

As an independent Certified Financial Planner in Penticton I work with families in the Okanagan Valley and throughout British Columbia. I offer a wide range of banking, investment and insurance products along with budgeting, tax and estate planning analysis as part of a complete financial planning solution. I offer a confidential, free, initial consultation.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will find these pages helpful in your quest to improve your financial well being.

My Mission Statement

Is to bring clear and simple financial planning solutions to my clients. To also become an intricate part of their family lives and a valued source of financial information, products and services. To earn their trust and to become their sounding board and go to guy.

My Commitment to You

  • To provide the highest degree of integrity and honesty in all of our dealings
  • To continue to earn your trust every day
  • To keep all of your information confidential
  • To perform a complete review of your current financial position including investment, insurance, debt, tax and estate plans
  • To understand your goals - short, mid and long term
  • To help you to identify your risk tolerance and how to mitigate and control that risk
  • To create your personal plan to help you meet your goals, including short term savings, mortgage/debt pay down, emergency funding, retirement, income, education, estate and legacy plans
  • To guide in the selection of appropriate investment, insurance and banking products
  • To communicate and meet regularly to review, maintain and modify your plan as your life cycle changes